Fixed Head Turning Specialists

Highlighted in our plant list is the Miyano ANX42 SYY, our top-tier bar work machine, renowned in the industry. With its twin spindle and twin turret configuration, this powerhouse is engineered for unparalleled efficiency. It handles complex parts in a single operation, setting new standards for speed and precision.

Additionally, our Biglia machine excels in larger bar work up to 65mm and billet work up to 250mm, also featuring twin spindles for one-shot machining. At CTPE, we redefine what’s possible in fixed head turning, delivering uncompromising quality and unmatched speed.

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Fixed Head Turning

Material Expertise and Batch Flexibility

With extensive expertise spanning various materials and applications, we bring a wealth of in-depth experience to the table. Our impressive array of high-performance machines empowers us to tackle projects with batch runs as flexible as 1-off prototypes to scale-ups of up to 1000 components. This versatility ensures that whatever your requirements, we have the capabilities and knowledge to deliver exceptional results.