CNC Turned Part Manufacturer

Our commitment to delivering complex components to our customers is exemplified by the Citizen L20 machine, equipped with Low Vibration Cutting (LVF) technology. This cutting-edge addition allows us to excel in materials that traditionally pose machining challenges.

Over the last 5 years, CTPE have invested in Sliding Head technology from famous Swiss brand Tornos. The DT26 and CT20 7 axis machines have a bar capacity of up to 26mm and can produce components upto 200mm in length. The machines are capable of ‘one hit’ machining and are paired with Tornos Robobar 3.2m barfeeds for lights out production.

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CNC Fixed Head Turning & Sliding Head

Wide Range of Materials

From robust stainless steels to lightweight aluminium alloys, from intricate engineering plastics to high-performance composites, our sliding head lathes seamlessly adapt to the unique properties of each material. This adaptability, combined with our technical expertise, ensures that we can manufacture components of exceptional quality, precision, and durability across an array of industries and applications.