CNC Machining for Demanding Industries

Our advanced manufacturing prowess, coupled with rapid lead times, serves as a dynamic advantage across diverse industries. From healthcare to defence, electronics to marine, our precision engineering meets the intricate demands of each sector. The synergy between our cutting-edge technology and efficient production processes empowers us to swiftly deliver components that fuel innovation.


We contribute to healthcare advancements by crafting components vital for critical diagnostics. Our precision-engineered parts play a crucial role in diagnostic equipment used for blood and urine analysis, aiding medical professionals in delivering accurate and timely patient care.

Medical Industry CNC Machining Company UK


We provide a diverse range of components crucial for cutting-edge technologies. From Optical Spectrometers to Microfluidics, our precision parts enable advancements in flow chemistry, optomechanics, and lab sampling, fostering progress across various scientific applications.

Scientific Precision Engineering of parts


We manufacture Electronics essentials like housings, heatsinks, and fibre optic connectors. Our precision components contribute to robust enclosures and efficient thermal management, playing a pivotal role in advancing electronic technologies.

Electronics CNC Machinists UK


We help engineer satellite comms gear for military and security vehicles. Our precision extends to tactical comms and RF antennas, bolstering mission-critical communications and satellite technology for enhanced defence operations.

Defence CNC Machining UK


We specialise in unique fasteners for luxury marine use. Our precision machined components ensure secure and reliable connections, elevating the performance and aesthetics of high-end marine applications.

Marine Precision Machining Company UK